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Bridge Africa Foundation

Bridge Africa Foundation, located in the USA, works to enhance quality in social and academic education for children in Africa.  Our focus is on the less privileged children and youths, in community schools. Our stance is that half of the population on the African continent are children. 74% are either in poverty, vulnerable or come from a low income family. Their access to education is their local community school probably struggling to sustain resources to provide a quality education. We work with them in their quest for sustainability of quality, to give a child a meaningful standard of education. These children and youths are the future of Africa. So far, we are in 10 African countries, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Ghana, Nigeria, and Gambia, to mention a few. We work through educational programs like, Books for Reading, Vocabulary and Writing with access to over 20,000 downloadable books. We also provide access to over 200 STEM activities, and much more.

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